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Thanks to one of our Fabulous Finders, we now know this is a Baby Soft Touch Amtoy doll.

Carrie R. is looking for either the pink or yellow version of this doll.

Amtoy Yellow Doll With Ruffle BonnetI’m looking for a 1980’s yellow terry cloth doll possibly made by Amtoy for babies or a small child. It was about 7 or 8 inches high and made of yellow terry cloth with a stitched on face and ruffled bonnet. She has yellow yarn hair peeking from her bonnet. We believe that this doll was first made by AMTOY and the company was sold and the doll discontinued in the later part of 80’s. We went into the internet and found a photo of what we believe is Lala.

Our daughter now 33 is having her first child early next month. In 1985 we bought her a doll which she named Lala. She and Lala were inseparable going to bed, and we even had to ask special permission from school for her to take Lala to kinder. After many times going into the wash machine she got worn out. Around 1986 this doll was difficult to find and we were only able to find one that had a blue outfit. For her this was not Lala. Her grandmother had to make a face transplant on the original Lala. We researched and are convinced that this was the very first face transplant done.

My daughter still has the doll (not in good shape). We know this is a very long shot, as these were not collectables, but kids were actually attached to these dolls which we believe is not seen much these days. My daughter wants her daughter to have a doll like Lala which is still part of her most fond memories. We know that we cannot expect miracles, but once in a while they come true. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.



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Searching – Terry Amtoy Yellow Doll With Ruffle Bonnet — 8 Comments

  1. Here’s a similar doll by amtoy:
    Ebay 140966885556

    POST CODE #25448

  2. I think I found your doll, but unfortunately, it’s been sold. But if this is it, then we know we are looking for Baby Soft Touch.


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  3. this is def a baby soft touch from amtoy. My daughter is actually holding mine from my childhood

    POST CODE #25448

  4. I have this doll in my flea market I left phone #
    Post Code #25448

  5. It has been 6 months since Plush Memories Toys Service kindly posted our request. We appreciate all comments are are very pleased to say that through your help and support we found Lala 2 in extremely good shape.

    Wow ! After 30 years Miracles happen.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    Post Code #25448

  6. Hi I am looking for the same terry cloth doll but in pink! Dee and I were inseparable until I was 5! I still have her but her pink color has faded away and she now has a drawn on face! I see she must be an Amtoy soft touch baby doll but haven’t had any luck tracking her down. Thanks!
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  7. I’m also looking for one!!!! I’ve had mine for 32 years, my daughter now sleeps with “Baby”. She’s been SO well loved. And looks it 🙁 Desperatly looking for a “new” Baby!!
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