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Searching – Terry Amtoy Yellow Doll With Ruffle Bonnet — 8 Comments

  1. Here’s a similar doll by amtoy:
    Ebay 140966885556

    POST CODE #25448

  2. I think I found your doll, but unfortunately, it’s been sold. But if this is it, then we know we are looking for Baby Soft Touch.


    POST CODE #25448

  3. this is def a baby soft touch from amtoy. My daughter is actually holding mine from my childhood

    POST CODE #25448

  4. I have this doll in my flea market I left phone #
    Post Code #25448

  5. It has been 6 months since Plush Memories Toys Service kindly posted our request. We appreciate all comments are are very pleased to say that through your help and support we found Lala 2 in extremely good shape.

    Wow ! After 30 years Miracles happen.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    Post Code #25448

  6. Hi I am looking for the same terry cloth doll but in pink! Dee and I were inseparable until I was 5! I still have her but her pink color has faded away and she now has a drawn on face! I see she must be an Amtoy soft touch baby doll but haven’t had any luck tracking her down. Thanks!
    Post Code #25448

  7. I’m also looking for one!!!! I’ve had mine for 32 years, my daughter now sleeps with “Baby”. She’s been SO well loved. And looks it 🙁 Desperatly looking for a “new” Baby!!
    Post Code #25448

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