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FOUND – 90’s Commonwealth XL Dark Brown Dog with Paisley Bow — 9 Comments

  1. POST CODE #25552

    ebay #221133032036 This may be your dog. Not sure if it is dark enough.
    Commonwealth Soft Classics for Toys R Us Jumbo Plush Puppy Dog Brown 30″

  2. Thanks Carrie!

    It really is SO close, and I now know for sure that it’s Commonwealth and from Toys R Us. Only difference is I know the bow wasn’t flowers like that. He may be a tad darker too but maybe I remember it differently or the photo light is off. I may get it anyway though if nothing else comes up since it’s nearly identical so THANKS!!

  3. POST CODE #25552
    Was the bow a paisley pattern? I was at a children’s museum and may have seen your dog. It was in very rough shape from the back and tag. I did take a picture. It was a darker brown and had a paisley bow.

  4. Here’s another very similar one – the only difference I can see is that this one has a plaid bow. Maybe you could change it?

    Ebay Item# 170949628679

  5. eBay #221133032036 is still available – has had one offer, so maybe the seller will be more flexible on price now that it’s been a while.

    Post Code #25552

  6. Thanks so much to everyone for being so lovely and keeping an eye out! I DID end up getting Kathy’s suggestion so thank you so much Kathy! You’ve brought back a piece of my childhood 🙂 Just need to make him a bow since that’s all it was missing. Thanks again to everyone and of course, Plush Memories!
    Post Code #25552

  7. I assume you’re happy with the dog you found but this looks to be a closer match – ebay #291172892488 in case you wanted another toy!
    Post Code #25552

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