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Searching E&J Baby Jungle Kittens Lying on Back – Lions and Tiger — 8 Comments

  1. All 3 are currently on Ebay!

    The maned lion is item# 150969109051 .

    The un-maned lion is item# 230886553454 .

    The tiger is item# 230872793350 .
    Post Code #30228

  2. thank you plushdetective.. i already knew about those and they are far too expensive

    Rosemary i hadnt found that leopard before!! thank you so much!

    to everyone else im still looking for the others, particularly the white tiger
    Post Code #30228

  3. We just came across one of these..
    She is cute as can be, contact me if you are still looking for one!
    Post Code #30228

  4. Lisa W, which one is it do you know? If it’s either of the lions or the white tiger im very interested!
    Post Code #30228

  5. It is the little lion, like the first one pictured.. Ours does have the tag cut off, but would be more than happy to send a picture!
    Post Code #30228

  6. There are several different kinds on ebay right now for around $40.00- $60.00. It seems this is about the regular price as they are collectibles.

    POST CODE #30228
    Post Code #30228

  7. Yes I have seen the ones on ebay and most of them have been there for quite a few months which tells me that even collectors are not willing to pay that price for them.. the 3 i have i have gotten for about $10 a piece
    Post Code #30228

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