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Searching DanDee Puppy Surprise PINK PUPPY – TOP PRIORITY — 6 Comments

  1. ebay #181220324088 Vintage Puppy Surprise – White Mommy and 3 Babies Pink Yellow Blue – Dan Dee appears to be a match for the set but the pictures are not as clear as yours. Best Wishes!

  2. Thanks, Carrie! I sent the link to the set. Don’t know if he’ll want to wait a bit to try to get just puppies or not, since s/h is so high on the whole set. And is sounds like he’s going to need more than one pink puppy, anyway, just in case.

  3. Hi Christopher,
    My name is Jennifer. While cleaning out my parents home for their move, we’ve come across 2 puppy surprises with several puppies ( I think 8 in total)!! I’d be happy to send you pics. Let me know if you are still interested…..
    Post Code #30215

  4. I messaged the seller about this one, trying to get you a better photo, but eBay must have blocked the photo somehow – got a reply, but no picture. Anyway, this is the right one I THINK – can’t be sure for that price, though.

    eBay 200993492839

    Post Code #30215

  5. Just saw this one on Ebay with the mommy dog and three puppies – one of which looks like the pink one. Kinda expensive, tho.

    Ebay item# 390929041800
    Post Code #30215

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