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  1. Hey Tammy! Thanks so much for responding to my post and offering valuable info. Unfortunately on the Etsy listing for that Punky Pillow, he is listed as SOLD. I looked at the other Pillow People they have, and Punky is not one of them. If you’ve seen this pillow somewhere else, please repost with the link. I’m soooo grateful for your attempt to help me. Keep your eyes open for me!!

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  2. I found an original Punky kit on Ebay, so you can make your own!

    Ebay item #151223697671
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  3. Oh yes I would go with the pattern..everything I have found so far, even the pattern is sold out..try the ebay pattern link..again good luck and I know to be on the look out!
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  4. Awwe thanks so much Plushfinder and Tammy! I will check out the eBay pattern and see how that turns out…..It feels good just knowing that someone wants to help me:’-)
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  5. If you are still looking I have one. With the little book that came with it. Its in great shape.
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  6. Thanks soooo much Jess for your searching. And yes Jennie, I’m definitely still interested in Punky. Do u have any pictures of him? Please email me at ivyrose285@gmail.com with details of how u wish to proceed with a possible transaction. Thanks a lot

  7. I’m looking for a 1985 Pillow People pillow named “Punky Pillow”. He has black sunglasses, yellow hair, pink nose and cheeks, zebra print pants, red and white striped socks, purple shoes, and he’s holding a black record which reads,”I’m Punky” in the center.
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