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You will receive TWO Goldberger XL plush My Size African American dolls. They are about 32 inches tall and have elastic stirrups on the feet and Velcro on the hands, so the child can get a hug and walk or dance with them. These are two faced dolls, with beautiful smiling faces on one side and sweet sleeping faces on the other. The hair has been washed and detangled, but needs styling. The hair on one doll is curly, and the other doll has straight hair.

They belonged to sisters, and both jumpers have their names written across the fronts. One doll has the first name on the body itself. They originally came with a bonnet, scarf, or cap to cover up the face not being seen at the moment.

Obviously they need work. The faces have some scuff marks, but the eyes, cheeks, and mouths are in very good condition. Repair the covering on the body on the one with the name on it and make new tops, and these dolls could easily be reborn as boys or girls.

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