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Are You Christmas Shopping Yet? — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve started – and typically shop all year long. I put it all in a variety of places in case the snoops locate something – they don’t find everything!

    I’ll still be shopping when it comes close also – as that’s when the “oh…I wish I put xxx on my list” is stated.

    Love it, every year do the same thing and always have too much!!!

  2. Oh, you bring back memories of one Christmas when I snooped and found all my presents. It spoiled it for me so badly that I never tried to find them again.

  3. Oh gosh it’s just not Christmas if I’m not rushing around on Christmas eve!

    Hello fellow Advancenite. (I labelled us, isn’t that cute? heh)


  4. I’m sure that a lot of folks agree with you, clublint, that last minute shopping is just part of their holiday ritual. Personally, I would find it way too stressful.

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