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Happy to Be Listing Again!! — 14 Comments

  1. Glad to see/hear that your listing again! Your items are so neat and bring back memories for me and my boys! Yahoo – and best of luck with your listings!


  2. Your site is so colorful. It really catches the eye ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope all the medical problems are cleared up and everybody is healthy and happy.


  3. Thanks for the comment, dr. fil. That tiger puppet is just about a life size head. He’s one of the nicest plush War Eagle Auburn memorabilia / souvenirs we’ve ever seen.

  4. Thank you, kiki, for your kind thoughts. This is going to be a long term, slow healing process, but we have faith that time will take care of it.

    Glad you like the look of the site.

  5. Way to go glad to see you are back in the saddle again.

    Or is that on the road again?


  6. Well, still on the road, away from home that is, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

    I figured if I listed this week, the auctions wouldn’t be finished until Saturday night, and I should be able to go home by Monday and get them mailed. That’s the plan, anyway.

    We’ve been selling from the store all this time, but everyone’s been really nice about waiting until we could get things shipped.

    I’ve offered each time to refund payments received before I could explain about delayed shipping, but everyone has been very understanding. Having almost 700 positive feedback might have a little to do with that.

  7. I’ve just had a look at your Ebay store, and what a collection you have there! I especially like ‘paddington bear’ I’ve been after one for quite some time, though buying from abroad would mean high shipping costs.

    I hope your family medical problems clear up real soon ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Thanks for taking a look at our plushies, Mandy.

    We have about 500 more, stored in categories in big plastic storage bins, filling up one small bedroom at home! We love hunting for them as much as we enjoy selling them, and I’m way behind on writing descriptions and taking pictures.

    You’re right about International shipping rates. We get enquiries all the time, wanting to know what it would cost to send a package overseas. They surprise me, sometimes, and pay the high cost, but often I never hear from them again. Can’t say as I blame them.

    Oddly enough, we send a rather large number of packages to Australia. Evidently they just don’t have access to these older toys locally.

    Glad you like our plush friends, and we’d love to send Paddington your way, but I do understand how you feel about the s/h expense.

  9. One thing I would ask, Mandy, is that you check out our listings on The Auction Man and BidChaser, .

    Our seller fees are less there, so the exact same items can be bought for less there.

    That would help with your total cost to ship overseas.

  10. Hope things are better for you now. Thanks for thinking of me and those involved with Stephen. I saw “Grandma” yesterday and she is coping the best she can. Mom on the other hand is in denial grandma thinks. I hope time will help.

  11. Thanks for your concern. Our situation is going to take a long time to truly be resolved, but we have faith that our daughter will eventually overcome her present medical problems.

    All concerned with Stephen’s tragic death continue to be in my prayers.

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