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  1. We’ve had some interesting comments about how children name their toys, so what does your 3 year old call her puppy?

  2. I had a teddy bear when I was little. I called it Angelo. It had orange fur that was a tad sparse. The cat we had liked it too. It used to rub its nose in between its legs..! No idea what that was about. I lost it in the end. Still miss it really.


  3. I had “The Velveteen Rabbit” read to me when I was at primary school, I loved it too.

    I have a polar bear I call “Polax” that was the first toy ever given to me when I was born. He’s called that because I couldn’t say “Polar Bear” when I first started playing with him apparently, I can’t remember naming him. I’ll post a picture of him on my blog for you.

  4. I have a toy and I’m 24.. it’s this weird squishy ball thing that has long tendrils that you can tug on and use to swing the ball over your head and a loop that you can put your fingers through. It is a lot of fun to play with. I won it at a fair last year and as I was playing with it while I walked around the fairgrounds I had a number of adults stop me to ask if THEY could play with it.. and where oh where did I get it so they could get one too.

  5. You’re very lucky, fin, that you still have tangible pieces of childhood memories. My mother was a neat freak, and didn’t keep anything very long, so I only have the memories.

    I posted on your blog, too, nancyrowina. Thanks for sharing Polax! It’s a shame commentors can’t post pictures here.

    Your toy, thisgirlsays, sounds like a Koosh ball meets Stretch Armstrong kind of toy.

  6. My DD is in love with her many Scooby Doo dogs. Some were won at Kings Island when her Daddy used to play all the games. ;o

  7. Hi, skittles. We do occassionally see some nice Scooby Doo stuffed animals. Is there a particular one she doesn’t have that we might find for you?

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