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The VERY FIRST Fisher Price Puffalump — 4 Comments

  1. the very my first puffalump~we have a peach one in romper as well as the white cow in blue romper if anyone is looking! YOu are gonna wanna shoot me after all this! I have found so much!

  2. No! I’m GLAD you’re going through and trying to help so many!!!

    We don’t have anyone looking for either of the Puffalumps you mentioned at this time, however.

  3. Hi,

    I’d love to buy a puffalump from you. I have the white cow one from childhood and she needs a buddy! Can you send me some pics of what you have and price? Thanks!


  4. I am looking for the peach bear like the one in the picture and the blue dog….My sons had these in 86 & 87 and I would love to get these so they can give to their children.. Just let me know:-)
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