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DISCONTINUED – Daddy Looking for Carter’s Bunny Hugs PINK RABBIT Security Blankie, Too!! — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks! I’m going to email that link to them, so hopefully, they’ll get it in time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, and hope the price doesn’t get bid up too high, too.

  2. If you look at the “Pretty in Pink” lovey … here is the e-bay number (130019503412) and you think your daughter might go for that one let me know. The one on ebay is not mine.


  3. Here’s the email Mike sent me, Tami.

    I have not been able to find one yet for a reasonable price and I’m sure there must be plenty out there somewhere, but just not in my area. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we might just have to sew it up when it needs it, and maybe even someday teaching her that not everything lasts forever. As a parent though I’m sure you realize that you want to get them anything they want, especially something they take a real interest in, as my daughter has with the bunny, whom she has named “Bunna”
    What’s funny is that out of all the animals she got as a baby that she unexpectedly took a shine to this. And what is even more unexpected is that she isn’t the type to give hugs and kisses out freely all the time, she is sort of reserved compared to her twin brother, and it’s nice to see that she has a sweet spot for this little bunny head rattle blankie and takes it everwhere, feeds it, and makes it give people kisses instead of her giving one to a relative or me when she isn’t in the mood for kissing and hugging.
    One night, we couldn’t find it and we put her to bed without it and the look on her face like something was out of place was so obvious and after searching for quite some time, we found it and took it to her. Well, when we went in to their room we saw her sitting there wide awake in the dark and when we handed her Bunna, she said its name in almost a lightly scolding but loving way that was truly sweet.
    well enough of my baby stories for now, if you hear of one that doesn’t cost 40 or more, please email me and thanks again.


    I’ve emailed Mike to ask if he ever found one and to tell him you had one to sell. If he still needs it, I’m going to need your email address, Tami, so I can put you in touch with each other. You can use the Contact Us link in this post, OK?

  4. Tami, your grandson is adorable! We have a similar picture of our older daughter enjoying unrolling the toilet paper. Our younger daughter never had the chance, as we put a screen door latch at the top of the bathroom door, for safety’s sake.

    I’ve emailed you both, so I’ll wait to hear if I can mark this one FOUND!

  5. Now you have another mom looking! I received this and tons of others as a shower gift. It took Kayden 2 years to take to any of them and this is it!!! There are two used on e-bay today, one says spit up stains included. Anyone else out there have one?



  6. Thank, Jamie, for the heads up. Both of them are pretty high priced, but I will email the families who wanted one, just in case they have decided that price is no longer a concern. It really depends on how miserable their little one is, doesn’t it?

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