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FOUND – 2006 Kids Preferred Blue Puppy "Very Special Baby" — 10 Comments

  1. I haven’t heard from her yet, but thanks for the research!! You’ve been busy again, I see.

  2. I am also looking for this same kids preferred teal puppy lovie for my son. I checked out the ebay listing (just in case) and it ended early. This is the only lead that I have had in months. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)!!!

  3. I found one that sounds very similar where it counts (including the satin ears), but by Basset Baby. It has a moon and the words “Very special boy” on eBay as item number 140151604786

    Listed as:
    BASSETT BABY Blue Puppy Dog Star Very Special Boy Lovey

    — perhaps someone wants him? 🙂

  4. That’s close enough to work with some children. You inspired me to search again, though, and I found the right one on eBay!


  5. OK, Kathy is not answering the emails, and I don’t know the addresses of the others who have commented here. What a shame.

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