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    This is the wrong song but is it similar enough to give a a picture to work from?
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  2. Oct 2nd, 2011
    Post code #080107-8

    believe that is the same toy with a different song. Of course it looks like it has had some wear. It would be worth using for a picture for sure. This is the first time I’ve seen it since a child. Definitely still interested.

  3. Post Code #080107-8

    I know this lamb is in the wrong position but the face is very similar to the first one and this one plays the right song. Could this be dollcraft industries lamb?

    ebay #390263499345 Vintage lamb plush musical wind-up Dollcraft Industries

  4. Oct 14,2011
    Post code#080107-8

    That one is not the same. The original picture is the same lamb as the one I’m looking for. I feel like it was probably from a different lot or possibly a different year of production and thus the different song, but it is the same lamb as the one I had as a child.

  5. Post Code #080107-8

    Could this be the lamb?

    ebay #250976931265 Collectible Dollcraft Ind. Plush Musical Lamb Sheep Stuffed Toy

  6. I went ahead and got the lamb pictured above. You can remove this listing. I was just waiting a little while to see if any one found one with the correct song. This one is very similar to the one I had as achild though and I am very happy. Thank you so much for helpingme find it.

  7. This newest listing was a different lamb with the right song. I purchased the one described back in October. Thank you again.

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