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FOUND – GUND No. 15025 TUMBLY Large DARK BROWN BEAR <i>Top Priority</i> — 14 Comments

  1. Yes, we can help with tumbly 15025 and 15026, available in stock in Europe…

    Post Code #

  2. Thank you Jolanda and Rosemary for all your help- We are actually in Europe and will contact the link you gave to us. Mark this as FOUND!!!
    Thank you very much for your website and all your help.

  3. Jolanda — Regarding Post Code #20442 concerning a search for Gund Bear Tumbly #15025. This is the exact bear I am also searching for. My grand daughter lost her bear which she has had since birth. He is her best friend and she is heart broken. She thinks Santa will make her another Tumbly bear. I am trying desperately to find Tumbly so she will not be disappointed. If you can help, I would be extremely grateful.

  4. Regarding POST CODE 20442. Oh, sorry, Connie! I think I left Helen the message on eBay. No matter, I was thinking I was responding to your message! Hope you find the Tumbly Bear for your granddaughter!


    Connie, so sorry for the redundant replies! It was you who I had written to on eBay. The above website looks to still have Tumbly, so I hope it will be available to you if you are interested.


  6. I am in recent need of a Gund Tumbly #15025 and stumbled across this website.
    Can anyone help?

  7. We are desperately looking for gund’s dark brown tumbly bear 15025 for my son… Any ideas to procure would be greatly appreciated!
    Post Code #20442

  8. re: post code #20442

    Hi, Kim. I know it’s half a year later, but are you still in need of a Tumbly 15025?
    Post Code #20442

  9. Hi Jennifer! I would LOVE to find a tumbly bear for my son – he keeps asking and I keep looking!! Do you know of one that is available? Many thanks! Kim
    Post Code #20442

  10. Kim, yes I came across one yesterday and purchased it for resell on my ebay page but have not listed it since I saw your post on here. I’d be more than happy for your son to have it. Here’s my email so we can communicate directly if that works for you: jwarren1979@hotmail.com
    Post Code #20442

  11. Hello, this might be futile, but I am trying to find a Gund Tumbly 15026. There has been a listing of a Tumbly 15025 on ebay for quite some time, but I’m afraid it’d too small for my liking. I am looking for the bigger, plumper version. If anyone has any ideas, or would be willing to assist with locating one to purchase, I’d tremendously appreciate it!
    Post Code #20442

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