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FOUND – BINGO a Very Special Request PLEASE READ Top Priority — 8 Comments

  1. Melissa, I found a site that lets you search ALL the craigslist pages at once. It’s a little tricky to get it to work, you have to follow the instructions at the top of page, but it does in fact work and could help you find Bingo’s brothers!


    It will take a while because on CL people tend to list plush in groups and you have to click each listing to see the pictures, but it’s worth a look. Good luck, and god bless!

  2. Thought I would update everyone on what is happening with this search. We received an email a few days ago from one of our readers whose child’s preschool had an almost identical dog. I have contacted Melissa, and put the two of them in contact with each other. I’m looking forward to hearing how it has all turned out.

    But even if Melissa gets this dog, she still has two more family members who really want to have one as a keepsake of Joshua.

    So please keep looking!!

  3. Bingo looks very familiar to me; I’ll keep my eye out for the pup. I can remember my granddaughter having one very similar, without the eye patch. I’ll keep looking!

  4. That would be great, Marion. This was a Wal-Mart dog, so it’s not like it was rare or real expensive. I have been surprised that it has been so hard to find.

  5. Any word on the search? My son (5)lost exactly the same dog but the grey version a little over a year ago. He has been devastated. He even wrote to Santa to ask for it back. It is extremely hard to find and Walmart has been no help.

  6. I have no way of contacting Andrea, but there is one on eBay right now that looks like the one she wants!!

    Search for 130012299974 . This is a perfect example of why I am trying so hard to get everyone to give me a permanent email address!

  7. We’ve been actively searching for BINGO look-alikes on our Friday Date Day, and we mailed 3 very similar puppy dogs to her recently. I’m not sure if she needs any more or not.

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