1. So very bizarre — my daughter lost the EXACT SAME duck the SAME day you posted this. I had 3 friends email me and say “is this you??”

    GREAT NEWS!!! I emailed the company and told them my sad story and low and behold, they are selling me a duck. I have to send them a check for $17.95 and the duck is mine. I’m so excited to get another beloved “duck duck” for my baby girl.


  2. That is strange, Tara, but I’m glad you were able to replace your daughter’s duck. I had found one on eBay in a group of stuffed animals, but she has not emailed me as to whether she got that one or not.

    What I find most amazing is that 3 of your friends read this post! That makes me feel good, to know that people do check out the requests here.

  3. There is a purple duck on ebay: adorable purple duck and purple plush bunny pair Item number: 380012726218
    Maybe that’s the one?

  4. Thanks for looking, Katty. Actually, that duck is not purple enough. I finally did get an answer from Amy, and she did get the duck some time ago. It wasn’t clear if it was the one I had earlier sent her the link to, but nevertheless, it is now FOUND.

  5. I too am also looking for another animal adventure pet. My little boy picked this black and white kitty as his favorite buddy. I was thinking it would be great to find an extra just in case! This little kitty has a light pink nose and I believe the insides of the ears were at one time pink also. The cats has a white muzzle, then white on the paws along with the end of tail. I have gone on to animal adventure.com but am not able to get pictures of the kitty. Help anyone? Oh yes, i did urchase at target, but have checked the website also and didn’t find it. Thanks.

  6. Please use the contact form on this blog, and I will reply with an address you can use to send a photo if you have one.

  7. I have the same sad story. My daughter has a pink and white baby animal adventure kitty that i have to wash every night and is worn out. She eats with it and sleeps with it and carries it everywhere. Animal Adventure refused to sell it too me. I begged them to tell me who they sell it to, they said they do not have that information, but can send me a list of retailer that purchase from them. I called and searched websites of each retailer and can not find this pink cat anywhere except on the animal adventure website. So frustrated and I am not sure what to do. We purchased a pink and white ‘replacement’ cat, but it is not the same and she doesn’t want that one, she wants her ‘meow’. Please help if you know where I can get this. It was a baby gift for her and I asked all my friends to find out who got it for us and where they got it. Still no luck.

  8. I’d like to try to help, but I can’t until I have an email address from you Amy.

  9. We too are looking for a pastel purple 7-8 inch animal adventure bunny!! Our son sucks his thumb while holding the bunny ears up to his face. We received this bunny at a 4th of July parade last year and just went back to the same parade TODAY with the hopes that they would give these same bunnies away! 🙂 No such luck. Who would have known that this free purple bunny would turn into such a love affair! If anyone knows how or where to find another one of these we would be so grateful! The one we have has lost its nose and is about to lose its tail, but HAS to go everywhere with us. I am scared to see what will happen if we ever lose this thing. We dropped it off of a balcony once at a hotel and we had to have the hotel maintenance crawl up to the roof and get it!!!

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