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  1. I, too, have a much loved Puppy Love plush toy–same exact one as pictured! I have been looking for years to find out where I might get another, in better shape; not as a replacement, but simply because my own is so well-loved. The closest thing I can find on the internet for a probable source is through a stuffed toy called Knickerbocker Toys in Edison NJ. Customer Service Department, Knickerbocker Toy Company, 10 Clearview Road, Raritan Center, Edison, New Jersey 08817 (201/225-4073). Or for verification of the toy model, call the CPSC toll-free Hotline: 800/638-2772. (This info is from a recall in Aug 1978, so not sure the co. or hotline is still in existence. Doubtful).

    In any case, the co. had a recall of several plush animals, one of which was called Puppy Love, which were distributed from manufacturers in South Korea to the US between March 1977-April 1978. There aren’t any pictures to confirm this is the same Puppy Love, but the time line is correct. My Puppy Love was purchased in 1977, early part of the year, after Valentine’s Day. Also, the recall was due to high amts of lead in the ink used to paint the toy’s name on the “sweater”, and Puppy Love had golden ink on his red vest (long since gone on mine). Good luck with your search! The link to the recall info can be found here: https://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml78/78110.html

  2. That is a lot of great information, Jamie!! Thanks so much. The recall explains why these are so hard to find now. At least now we know the company name. With this much information, someone should be able to get one of these gifted re-creators to make a very good replacement, if necessary.

    Again, a HUGE THANKS!!!!!

  3. I own a puppy love too. Love it to pieces. Finding a new one may be hard. You see, I did research on it and found out that it was one of a few toys that was recalled due to high amounts of Lead in the lettering of his shirt. Best of luck to you though.

    Jamie B

  4. Thanks for the reminder about the recall Jamie. It sounds like this would be a good candidate for Susan to make a replica. I will email them about it.

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    Could this be the dog?
    ebay # 230680737959 18″ Vintage Animals of Distinction Knickerbocker Dog Black Red Puppy Love

  6. I have a puppy love too , mine is also very loved and I am also in search if another for my daughter who wants to play with mine , I am against it for selfish reasons , I have no idea how many times mine was washed and seen back together because I played with him so much
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