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We’ve Been Interviewed by MSNBC.COM! — 4 Comments

  1. I saw this article on MSNBC.com and knew I just had to ask–does anyone, anywhere, know where I can replace the “lovey” my son got when he was a baby. It would have been Easter 1991 and it is a small white bunny, 6-7″, with ears lined with pink satin, that was a premium with a purchase of Dunkin Donuts. I’d post a picture but no one would recognise what this looked like new after having been dragged around by my (now 17 yo) son for several years.
    I would LOVE to have a replacement for this well-loved member of our family!

  2. Hi Whizz!!

    Use the Contact Us link so I can tell you how to send us a picture. You would be surprised at what people can find, bedraggled or not.

  3. I just read about your site on MSNBC. I can sympathize with all the parents out there looking for loveys! I was searching for months for a duplicate lovey for my daughter after she nearly lost it on family outing. I was lucky enough to find an exact duplicate on ebay. I wish I would have found out about your site earlier for support! Best of luck to all other parents out there looking!

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