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Searching – 70’s or 80’s BROWN HOBO DOG – CLEM???? — 26 Comments

  1. I’m looking for Clem also. I am pretty sure he was given away as a prize at carnivals or fairs, and I actually had two when I was younger (in the early 80s).

    I found one on eBay once, but only after the auction was over ๐Ÿ™

    Good luck in finding him!

  2. Thanks for confirming the name of Clem, and that it was a carnival prize. Sorry about the too late find on eBay. That has happened so many times when I was searching for a toy for someone here on our Search Service.

    But if I did find more than one, Anonymous, I have no way of getting hold of you!

  3. I still have my original and was trying to look for a newer version for my daughter. The one I have doesn’t have any sort of Patches on the bib overalls so maybe its a different edition. However, I still have the tag on it, though it is faded…the previous poster seems correct as this was a carnival toy as the tag says XXXXXX Fair INC. thats all I can make out at this point and time and will try with a magnifying glass to determine the first name of the company.

  4. I also had this bear but I didn’t get it at a carnival. It was purchased by my father at a store (Sears, or possibly ChildWorld) in the 70’s. I have a picture of it somewhere as it was given to me for Xmas and my father took a photo of it with me. The name was Clem and it is correct there were 2 others bears too. Wishing you luck in finding it.

  5. OMG! I too had this stuffed dog and let me tell you, my mother must have sewed him up about 25 times, until one day she made me get rid of it, saddest day ever! Would love to get another one.

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    Contact us Heather, so we can notify you if one is found. Do you have any photos I could add?

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    Would this dog be animal fair vintage late 70’s?
    Not dressed any longer but on ebay
    ebay # 310292397420 1978 Animal Fair CLEM Dog w/ TAG 12″ Plush Henry Friend
    ebay # 380174266006 VINTAGE 20″ CLEM HENRY DOG 1970 ‘s ANIMAL FAIR PLUSH
    ebay # 160628666669 Animal Fair CLEM Puppy Dog Plush 1974 Henry Friend
    ebay # 220817267283 Clyde sheriff
    ebay # 300604740857 Clara red gingham dress tag also reads soft folk

  8. I am looking for that stuffed dog as well it was my first stuffed animal i ever had n looking to get another one

  9. Hi
    I have a CLEM but do not know how I got him. I got him from my aunt in the 70’s. He’s still in great shape and I kept him along with a few of my stuffed toys/dolls. Apparently he has a sis and a bro…I didn’t know this. Can anyone point me to facts about him?

  10. I have a hobo Clem that my father got for me at a state fair about 35 years ago. I gave it to my 8-yr old son a few years, but he doesnt care for it as much as I did. My wife has been trying to get rid of it for years now. Im glad to see others with the same fond memories.

  11. I still have my Clem from Christmas 1975 no patches and I no longer have his bandana… He didn’t come from a carnival or fair though and I wouldn’t give him up for the world that was my best friend when I was a kid.

  12. I too have Clem and love him! I’ve had him since the 70’s and still has his blue jean overalls and red bandana. He’s had a pink striped sock tied to his paw for over 30 years as part of his “surgery” to repair his ripped arm. He’s only one of 2 stuffed animals that I kept (the other is a Basset) that I adore and will never part with. Nice to see others out there have fond memories of Clem.
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  13. Hello-I have an 18″ Animal Fair Clem Dog in overalls, he is plush and was Henry the dog’s friend or uncle??? Lol! Asking $80 for him, shipping $5.00. He is in very good condition, has a light green spot on back of leg that may come off, it is on the overall part. Please email if interested and for photos. We use Paypal.
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  14. Klem was not a fair/carnival item. The company that made him was Animal Fair. That was the name of the company,not an implication. The company is located in Minnesota. The founder was named George, he would personally see that his creations had their own personalities. He died at age 83. Klem was part of a grouping. Mine was purchased at AAFES, a store on a military base in the early 70’s.
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  15. I still have both my Clem and Clara dogs. My mom got them for me for Xmas in 1976. I still have the bandana and everything. Loved them too much to get rid of.
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  16. Hello-I have an Animal Fair Clem stuffed dog, he is about 10″ tall and was made in 1974. He is in great condition, would sell for $20 plus $5.45 shipping with Paypal. Please email if interested, located in Illinois.
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  17. I have a 1974 Animal Fair Clem stuffed dog, 10″, will sell for $20 plus $5.45 Shipping. We have Paypal for safe trade. Please email if interested and for pictures.
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  18. #010808-2 – I have an original CLEM doll that has a tag marked 1957. I am not sure how I got this dog. I was born in 1981 and I have held onto it for 30 years. Are people still looking for this doll? I will sell it to someone for a good price. I can send pictures if interested. I think it might be a doll someone else can cherish more. Hope I can help! ๐Ÿ™‚ Contact me at ericasavagephotography@gmail.com
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  19. I have a picture of the dog i had. I would like to share picture as I believe it might be what some are looking for?
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  20. Steve how about an email address or something so we can get a picture of what you have
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