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Searching – DAKIN "I AM YOUR LITTLE RASCAL" Large <s>or Small</s> DOG — 11 Comments

  1. OMG!!!! Your site is WONDERFUL. I am looking for Little Rascal with a GREEN shirt. Please if you have another one, please contact me (949) 887-2046. As a girl I was mad at my sister and gave my sister’s Little Rascal a “haircut”, and as adults, she’s never let me live it down! I still feel bad and would like to give one to her at her baby shower, and redeem myself! :o) Thank you again.

  2. I sent Lan the link to a very expensive one on eBay right now, but he was lucky enough to find an orange one for much less. I have emailed the seller, just in case they have another one for Desmond.

  3. yes, i am still looking for a large one with orange t-shirt and a small one with orange t-shirt.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

  4. 021908-4

    Here’s one from Ebay – it’s 9 inches, I think, and has the orange shirt, but it’s kinda expensive.

    Item # 170884049848

  5. thanks for the tip Peggy but it is indeed a little expensive. i got the same one but in green t-shirt at less than half the price,
    will consider
    thanks again

  6. I am also looking for the larger one in the green shirt preferably. My husband got his for his first Christmas in 1977 and he has been loved to death. I would love to be able to get him another if possible.

    Curious as to the size of the smaller one? I’m quite sure the one he has is the larger one, but I could be flexible.

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