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FOUND – GUND Peter Rabbit COMFY COZY — 11 Comments

  1. No, they don’t have it in stock. We had already talked to them, but thanks for looking!!!

  2. I know i have one of these! it just sat on a shelf for awhile! let me see if i can find it.

    ntrevino1 AT yahoo DOT com

  3. I need one too! My son was very attached to his Peter Rabbit Comfy Cozy blanket- we’ve had it for 2 years and it got lost at a hotel. If you find one, please let me know! It seems to be discontinued at all online stores.

    katehz AT earthlink DOT net

  4. We are looking for the same one, too! One just went on e-bay a few days ago for $54 – I was willing to pay the insane price, but missed the end of the auction. Good Luck!

  5. That must have been the only one they had, as it is not showing up in a search on their site for me. Maybe I’m not holding my tongue right LOL!

  6. Post 032708-1
    Just happened to come across one on eBay. Item number 280303329940. It ends in 9 hours (9 PM EST on 1/23) No bid yet. Starts at $35 USD.

  7. I was able to find one on e-bay in December and spent $75 on it! Worth every penny to see my 3 year old’s face Christmas morning….. I think there is another one on e-bay now. The one selling for $35 went for $54 I think. Thanks for all the help!

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