FOUND – Carter’s Child of Mine CHENILLE PASTEL Colors STRIPED BABY BLANKET — 18 Comments

  1. Burlington Coat Factory on the web has one like it… just a bit lighter.


  2. I need the blue version for my son as well. I do not know why Target quit selling them, they seem to be very popular. I need help finding one also.

    (email addressed saved, but deleted here)

  3. My daughter uses the very same blankie and i’ve been looking for one too. I just got a catalog in the mail today from baby universe and they have one very similar to my daughters. My daughters has two shades of pink stripes and this blankie only has one but it is very close. I thought it might work for you too. The web site is babyuniverse.com and the blanket is called Super Cozy Stripe Blanket. Made by Carters. Hope this is helpful.


  4. https://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2748364


    I just saw this blanket at toys r us. One looks like it has two shades of pink, green and white. the other one looks like one shade of pink, green and white.

    Anonymous on april 12 at 10:08, they also carry it in blue

  5. Thanks for the great information, Lo. I will let the parents know what you found.

  6. Thanks, Claire. I sent it to a family that are looking for a variation of this one. It looks right to me!!

  7. Thank you thank you!! My daughter lost this blanket on a trip and she has been missing it ever since!I couldn’t find it anywhere! I checked the toys r us site and low and behold–there it was! “Pink” will now be a lovey around our house again! This website is great! I’ll tell everyone I know!
    -Sarah from MN

  8. Don’t know if anyone still needs this. Only three hours left though… ebay 380047762874

  9. Hi,
    I sent an email earlier tonight because I am in search of this same blanket in a similar color scheme. I need the one with shades of pink and green but no white, it is more bright colors than pastels. anyway I am searching on ebay and have found this blanket with the purple stripe in it the item number is 200242553144 I hope this is helpful as of right now there are 3 days and 16 hours left. Hope this helps I understand your need to find this item.
    anastasiakay AT hotmail DOT com

  10. I need another pink,purple,and green Carter’s super cozy stripped blankets it. My daughter has had it since she was born and she won’t use another blanket.There is a big hole in the middle.I REALLY need another one of those blankets.My son also has the red and blue one.He is also very attached to that blanket and I would also like to get another one of those so that I don’t run into the same problem with him when that one gets old.He has already had it for two years.

  11. I’ve added you to the list of those looking for variations of this blanket, Becky … BUT I HAVE NO WAY TO CONTACT YOU!!!! Please Contact US!!!!

  12. ~ RARE ~ SOFT BABY LOVEY 44″ X 32″ GIRL LIME FAVORITE Item number: 270302201620 its on ebay and it looks like a match

  13. We lost this blanket this summer in Chicago. My daughter said she is asking Santa for it for Christmas. Please help me find her this blanket!!!
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  14. I am also missing this same blanket and have a devastated daughter. Let me know if its still around anywhere or if someone found something similar. Thank You so much!
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