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Searching – Plaid SNUZZLES LAMB — 7 Comments

  1. One just sold recently on eBay for $72.00. We have not found any others.
    If I did find one I would not be able to email you, shell*x*. Please contact us, so I can put you on the list to alert.

  2. Please help…I am searching for the lamb also because it was my son’s first animal and now he is expecting his first child this month and I want to be able to give one to her also….Need 2…It disappeared and I am desperate…

  3. please help! I’m looking for this for my girlfriend, she recently lost it when she was traveling. She was absolutely devastated because it had been given to her when she was born, and she’s not 22. Any information would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

  4. I can’t help you unless you Contact US!!!


    I can recommend someone who can make a replica.

  5. I'm looking for one of these!! I got it when I was born and lost it about 4 years ago, and I've been searching for one for ages!!!

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