FOUND – CHAMOIS Pottery Barn GREEN MONKEY — 4 Comments

  1. I have this monkey! He is green and about 18″ inches tall. He is in very good condition. Let me know if you are still looking as I was about to list him on ebay.

  2. WC has contacted me and says she has already found a replacement for this monkey; so she is no longer searching.

  3. I am desperate to find this monkey. My friend’s grandchild lost hers two years ago and still remembers and cries about it. Lost on vacation we have not been able to locate one. Her birthday is the end of January…would love to give it to her! #040608-10

  4. I received this monkey as a gift from a very good friend more than 5 years ago. I took it everywhere with me (including sky diving!!!). About a year ago, someone took it from me (along with a lot of valuable things)… I haven’t been able to find this green monkey anywhere. If you have one in good condition, and are willing to part with it, please do send me an email:


    Thank you!
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