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DISCONTINUED – 1985 APPLAUSE Precious Moments WHITE BUNNY Partner to Cubby Bear — 19 Comments

  1. Dear Lindsey,
    I’m looking for the same lovey and have been for about 2months now. It’s nice to see someone who knows what lovey I’m talking about. Hope you find yours. Elizabeth

  2. I don’t have a way of contacting you, Elizabeth! Hopefully, you have a photo I could add to this post, so both of you could find your childhood lovie.

  3. I am searching for this as well. I do however have my original. He is so tattered & torn and I would love to locate one in better condition to keep to possibly pass on.
    I see the posting was from July has it ever been located?

  4. No, sorry to say, but no one has been able to find one of these yet. I’ve sent several links I thought would be it, but no such luck.

    I change the post title to FOUND when the search is over on each lovie, so it’s easy to tell which ones are still being searched for.

    I’ll email you.

  5. has anyone had any luck finding this bunny? jen, thank you so much for posting the pic, it’s the first time i’ve seen my missing bunny since i was a little girl and it about brought me to tears. i remember how the satin on his little nose wore thin like yours did.

    do you happen to know his name? i know the bear was cubby bear and the lion leon. thanks,lindsay

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    I would be happy to help you with your search Lindsay, but I have no way of contacting you if we do find one. Please use the Contact Us form, and I will write a new post for you. It might generate more interest in searching for this one.

  7. I still have my little stuffed bunny too but she is also very worn down. I wanted to look online to see if there were any preserved pictures so I can remember what she looked like when I was a baby. If anyone would like to see a picture of my bunny to remember what they looked like just let me know and I can email one to you. -Erin

  8. I am looking for the same bunny! My daughter lost it several years ago and she is turning 16 in june. She made mention of the bunny a few weeks ago and I thought it would be great to find one for her for her sweet 16.

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    Lori, you need to Contact Us! Otherwise we can’t help you find it.

  10. Hey there, edited the link, the first one is no longer valid. Here is the Precious Moments Bunny Rabbit.

  11. Hello Everyone…not sure if the bunny I am looking for is the same one posted on here. My mom gave me a precious moments silky bunny when I was born..21 years ago…and now he is torn and worn after 21 years of carrying him around. We have been searching for the past 2 years to find a newer version of him but have yet to be successful. It looks like the bunny that is posted on here is fluffy…is he really or is it a silky bunny? Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated 🙂 You can email me at Hkiss7@aol.com Thanks!!

  12. I am looking for this bunny as well. I have collected Precious Moments all my life and this bunny was on a shelf in my newborn daughters room. One day she pointed to it and I let her hold it. It was still in new condition back then. Now 12 months later the silk nose has wore off, along with the silk ears. We wash her every week and she takes her EVERYWHERE with us. Our daughter is 18 months old and heaven forbid if something happens to the one we have now, as we are preparing for the day when something does happen so we have a backup.

  13. I have been looking for this bunny too for my daughter-in-law. This bunny brings back many loving memories for her. Any leads??
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