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Searching – MOSHI??? Microbead FROG Any Color — 7 Comments

  1. 080408-3
    This frog is a snugeez brand
    Made in China KB Holdings.

    I spotted one this weekend, and I have it if you want it.
    Rosemary has my email

  2. I have actually already purchased this same lizard from another Ebay auction haha. While I have not received him yet, I am assuming that this lizard and the frog are very similar. Still keeping an eye out for the frog though. Fingers crossed. Thanks Brenda.
    Post Code #9235

  3. Dear Courtney, MOSHI Style Microbead Frog, including #9235

    I think I have found your frog that you are looking for
    he is bright green and yellow gold let me know if you are interested I will send you a pic.
    Post Code #9235

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