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FOUND – Carter’s Just One Year BLUE DOG with SPOTS & STRIPES — 33 Comments

  1. I can’t tell you where to find a new Dawg, Dawg but please post if you find where to get a new one. My daughter is also in love with this puppy and I am searching for a back up.

  2. LOL! I beat you to that one Tami. I had already sent the link to her, but have not heard back yet. You’d be surprised how much some of these hardest to find lovies sell for!!

  3. My son just lost one of two of his puppies! He tucks one under each arm to sleep with. One was supposed to be a backup, but he found it and I couldn’t bring myself to take it away…if you find some of these, I would love to be contacted! Thanks so much for this service! What a fantastic idea!

  4. KD we would love to help, but we don’t have any way of contacting you!!! You have to contact us first, so we will have your email address.

  5. I picked up a blue spoted dog yesterday from Goodwill and thought it is the spot dog that people are looking for here. Anyway, it is the 2007 version, so from Just one year but with only blue spots. I post here, just in case someone is looking for the 2007 version.

  6. Tami, thank you so much for finding this puppy. I just purchased the one in eBay posting 370119726776. You made my day!

  7. Merry Christmas. We are also in search for this little blue dog. He is our sons (21 months)best friend. The one he now has is worn out. He does everything with his little blue buddy so we are looking for one to fill the old blue dogs paws. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. If you can help e-mail us at jphillips34@hotmail.com Thanks J.

  8. My son is also obsessed with his “Pup Pup” – PLEASE PLEASE let me know if anyone finds another one. They are impossible to find and had I known he was going to fall in love with this, I would have bought them all at the store! My email is ncsnapp@yahoo.com My name is Natalie Snapp – thank you SO much!

  9. I have added you to the Mailing List for this very hard to find dog. Thanks for stopping by, Natalie.


  10. #082408-2

    I sent the email to 8 people with the link in it, rather than ask them to reply here.

    Thanks Tami!!

  11. I have been looking for this puppy all over the internet. My parents’ dog thought that my son brought the puppy for him and he chewed it up like he does with everything else.

    If you find another puppy please contact me at barelydomesticmama@yahoo.com

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    Do not know the list length but hope this helps some. All buy it now and or best offer options.

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