FOUND – Small WHITE LAMB with PINK BOW — 3 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness. That looks just like the one that we are looking for. (if you scroll down on search page) It appears that yours has a stitch between each foot making it look more like a hoof. Is that correct. I have ordered so many online and have been completely disappointed with the wrong one showing up. Maybe one of mine that I have ordered that isn’t the right one might be the one you are looking for. Ours was pretty big, I would say about 12 – 13 inches long. We just ordered one online the other day and it came but it was about half the size of the real “Lambie”. It’s about 9″ and the feet are different than ours. I wish you the best and if you come across one that looks like ours, I would love it if you would send me a quick comment. I will do my best to go thru the ones I have ordered to see if it matches yours. Do you know how big yours was?

    Carly Smith

  2. I think the original one in the photo is a Ty Beanie Baby – Lullaby the Lamb. It’s now retired, but you can often find these on Ebay. Go to the Ty website to see the picture — http://www.ty.com and search “Lullaby”.

    Hope that helps. HUGS – Carla

  3. You are correct, Carla. The little lamb in the leaves is a TY Lullaby Lamb. I wonder if the one Carly is looking for could be the larger size Buddies variation of this same lamb. It’s worth checking into.

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