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FOUND – 80’s APPLAUSE Small BOOBOO PENGUIN with CAST on Wing & TEAR in Eye RUSS??? — 10 Comments

  1. To whom ever found My fiance's Boo boo Penguin He cried like a baby when he saw it. I have spent counless hours trying to find his lost friend. THANK YOU SO MUCH! he sleeps with it right beside his bed along with boo boo Brothers (the entire boo boo collection) lol.THANK YOU AGAIN.ps I framed your card. God Bless you.

  2. So happy we could reunite your fiance with his childhood friend! It's nice to know it made him so happy!!

  3. I don't know if you ever found the penguin you were looking for but i have one that's been mine since I was a child while I'm not willing to give it up ( I won't lie I still sleep with it every now and again ) if your still looking I could send a picture so you could put up with the description if it would help. I'll check back later or you can email me at creationsqaulm@hotmail.com

  4. I can't believe I found this site; I'm so excited! I have the BooBoo teddy bear, but he's so loved by this point I think the only recognizable feature is the eyes. I'd love to see a picture of what he looked like in his younger days; does anyone have a photo?

  5. who has the boo boo teddy from applause 1990? i have been looking for 20 years for another one i had one as a child and i will pay anythign to get another . where did u find it if anyone has any info on this bear please e mail me

  6. oh my god, i would love love to fing the boo boo penguin, my only childhood toy??? where can i get it?//

  7. same here imy boo boo was lost in a fire and get misty when I tell my kids about him miss my penguin help!!! xx

  8. hi, im brother has had a booboo monkey since he was 10. if anyone has anymore applause booboo toys with tear and bandage could you let me no as im on the hunt xx

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