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  1. It may. I can say it’s worth a try, at least. Would you be able to get it? And how much would you be asking for it?

  2. I will try tomorrow to talk to the story manager and see what can be done. I have no experinece for getting stuff animals out of machine….

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    I went back today to the store. They restuff the machine, so the frog is burried deep with a panda and a butterfly on top. I don’t think I can get the frog out by putting in coins. Have you ever call the number on the machine that you got the frog from and ask them to get you another one? I can go back to the store again and copy and post the number here if you want to call the number on the machine. Let me know. Maybe you can offer them $$ to get the frog out? I can mail that frog to you if they are willing to get the frog out of the machine.

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    I love your site and it feels good to know that there is other crazy people that stalk venting machines. my youngest daughter Jace has a bright orange fox. She named him Foxy they are the bests of friends.Jace plays with nothing and knowone but Foxy, or she has him in the game. He is old and loved, stuffing gone,leggs ripped,no eyes and one whisker.I need a new Sugerloaf fox. Please I begg if anyone has such a fox please contact us.

    ankme AT hotmail DOT com

    subject Foxy orange.

    thanks Ankme

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    Hurry fast ends soon on ebay
    I think I see your frog in this lot
    Ebay Item number: 220311466816

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