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FOUND – RAINBOW Long Legged DOG for a DOG — 16 Comments

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    I have a white and red striped zebra version (sorry, not tie-dye). Unfortunately, the tag is cut off and I could not remember where I got it from. I’m guessing claw machine or Walgreens. Ana.

  2. I know I’ve seen this animal somewhere before, but can’t remember anything but the big legs really. But she was very definite that it had to be the rainbow or tie-dye look.


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    You must be thinking about these guys, posted awhile back #072908-1. I have the dog but still can’t find my pig version. The one Terri is looking for though, is not made by Bestever.

  4. We found a giraffe, but it’s not rainbow colored – typical yellow and brown. That may be the one I remembered seeing, or it might be the Bestever pig I had in mind. Who knows!!

    I’m having trouble with the Search function on my email program, so I am working at a snail pace right now.


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    I found a nonrainbow giraffe in the dog toy section on ebay. Maybe same brand. Looks like same shape. I think the brand is “jungle buddies”. You might have them see. Ebay 140268111281

  6. Thank you everyone, but I am still searching. We have bought several brands and similar styles, but the rainbow one is something special I guess. I will be offline for a few days getting my computer fixed, but will check back soon. I am keeping a look out for the items others are looking for too. I appreciate all of your help. You are fanstastic! ~Terri

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    Check out this lot on ebay. long legged giraffe, tye dye. Not same hoof color. But might work for you.

  8. Oh Tami, that sounds promising! Do you have an item #? I tried to search and could not find it. Thank you!

  9. You can contact me at terri_ca2000 at yahoo.com. Thanks again. I am so excited that this might be it!

  10. OMG, those are it! I also bid on the second lot last night. Maybe I can win both lots. Thanks so much everyone. I am almost crying I am so happy! I LOVE YOU

  11. I don’t change it to FOUND until you have been successful in buying them, so please let me know. SOUNDS GREAT!!!


  12. Yea! Please mark this as FOUND! I finally received the items and there were two in the batch. Thank you Tami and everyone. I am forever grateful to you. If you ever come across anymore of these, I would love to get them as stash. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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