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  1. It seems these sell on ebay fairly often, but the price just gets out of control. My son still is very attached to his dog, so we bit the bullet and bought one on ebay, but now, we’d like a spare (which we didn’t have before.)


  2. Maybe check at all of your local thrft stores, flea markets and kids resale shops….but I was thinking…..darn by the time you go all of those places alot – you have probably spent 40.00 in gas and maybe still not found him- I sure hope you can locate one though :0)

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    Carters my best friend blue puppy blanket

    Ebay 4 hours left … good luck



  4. Thanks Kimberley – I do check at garage sales and thrift shops when I am there, but you are right, you can eat up gas quick searching around. I have family and friends around the country on the lookout at those places too.

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