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Searching – Fisher Price 70’s <s>LOLLY PINK &</s> CHOLLY BLUE CHECKED BOY DOLL — 24 Comments

  1. If you put Fisher Price lolly doll in the search bar on ebay there are three pink ones right now.



  2. yep the blue one is EXPENSIVE… but try writing them and see if they will take less. Can’t hurt!


  3. I’ve sent Stacy several links to Lolly dolls, but she didn’t get them. Not sure why.


  4. POST CODE #110608-3
    Currently about 15 on ebay under fisher price lolly. prices range $9 to $50.

    Some of the numbers are
    Ebay #200635158520
    Ebay #230652687302
    ebay #170673532136
    ebay #300557829173
    Ebay #120756533672
    Ebay #230653059420

    Some distinguish between made in Mexico or Korea. Good luck with your searches!

  5. POST CODE #110608-3

    Here is the boy and some sets.
    ebay #330806040431 both
    ebay #110959651822 both
    ebay #130761644673 both
    ebay #350616303319 low starting bid cholly
    ebay #320989978278 cholly buy now
    ebay #380481099897 cholly
    ebay #251164738947 cholly

  6. If they are still looking, I have both Lolly and Cholly in their original packages. Email me if you’re still looking for them.
    Post Code #9461

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