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  1. Hi – I am very certain that it is made by Aurora Baby and her name is giggles. I have sold her before and am sitting here looking at the blue and white one that is a plush toy not a blanket.

  2. I have just googled it and see another style – not that style though. They do have the same plush head — just not the design — good luck though — I bet it can be found. I think a lot of hospital gift shops sell Aurora Baby.

  3. Hi its Jennifer. I checked out the Aurora, plush Giraffe. It looks similar but the blankee part is not the same. It doesnt have the satin edges. I am going to buy one an give my daughter both so she can get used to this one too. (I did buy one that doesnt look as good as this one and she seems to like it.) Once I get it I will compare and post a blog.

  4. Its Jennifer, I bought the Aurora and while the face looks somewhat similar it is different. Blankie part is different as well as the head. Color is laveneder. My daughter does not care for it.
    Thank you for trying Kimberly.

    Still not found

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