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  1. 111008-3
    the brand is called Jay at Play. They make mushabelly and iflops too. Did your frog chatter? or sing? Or have a striped belly?
    Here is one same face. But has striped body.
    370110681526 ebay

  2. I corrected the brand name. It’s not one I was familiar with, but I do recognize Mushabellies.


  3. There just isnt any strips but the face is the same the style and the feet are the same Thank you so much! We are so close! Thank you all so much!

  4. Thank you so much I just put in a bid for it!! I hope it works out! Thank you!!! I am so grateful!

  5. #111008-3
    I have this frog, no wonder he looks so familiar. He has yellow underbelly, is this correct? 18 inches long. I’m at recis77 at yahoo dot com, I can send pictures.

  6. I bought a iflops frog with the headphones/speakers on his ears, yesterday at a toy rummage sale at church. Well, of course my daughter loves it and it dosen’t work. The mp3 player plays, but the wires seem to have a short and so it is like listening to a skipping record. She was very upset since she was not familar with the skipping record sound. Having never seen this in the stores, I am wondering about getting him fixed or where to buy a new one. mom2krbAThomailDOTcom

  7. If anyone is still looking

    Ebay #390300489861 appears to be the frog or a close match.

    POST CODE #111008-3

  8. Did you get it, I have been looking for this same frog for over three years now the company jay franco does not make them anymore and my son “ribbit ” is on its last leg and all i can say is that frog is his hole world he is starting to get stressed out about how thin and old he is my son has had him since birth he is 7 now if you have any ideas on how I can get one I would really appricate it…..
    Post Code #9473

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