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Searching – 2002 HALLMARK? GREEN FROG Wearing a BOW TIE — 10 Comments

  1. did the frog have yellow on its feet? Here is a gund chubbles frog. Is it the same? 360053391717 ebay. don’t know if big enough??

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    did the frog make any noise? does it have velcro or magnets in the hands? Any writing on the feet? Were the bottoms of the hands green or yellow. thanks

  3. Tami-

    Thanks for trying to help us find froggy. Unfortunately he is all the same seafoam green color even his bow tie. He looks similar to the Jelly Cat frogs but a different face. Thank you for your help.


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    I did find that Hallmark had a line of toys in 2002 called bunnies at the bay. They were long arms and legs. Made by bearington.

    I can’t find the exact frog. But look at these from bearington and bunnies at the bay to see if we are on the right track?

    ebay Item number: 160280506680
    ebay Item number: 300274526192

  5. Froggy is definitely soft like those but his legs are not quite as long. He has quite large webbed feet filled with beans. His legs are slightly bent. His hands are as well. I’m trying another new tactic and running an ad locally for anyone who may have purchased froggie in our hometown hallmark. I am still hoping!!!


  6. #091108-2

    If you do find one locally and they don’t want to sell, at least you can get the brand information from them and a good photo surely.

  7. ebay Item number: 150216622764 is very close our froggie had yellow eyes with a felt eyelid. I really appreicate you helping. Still hoping! Desperate mom.


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