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FOUND – Extra Large MUSHABLES Microbeads PINK PIG — 6 Comments

  1. For POST CODE #021809-7

    I think this is what Kelly is searching for.

    Jay At Play Microbead Long Pink Pig Piggy Plush Pillow
    Buy it now price $39.99
    Item number: 390205847908

  2. I’m looking for this exact pig and can’t find it….my neice loves it and wont sleep without it, but im afraid the underbelly of the pig is breaking…..please help!!! =[

  3. I know the first poster said they no longer were looking but I’m not sure if the second poster found it… There is one on ebay item number

  4. I am looking for this pig too. If anyone knows where to find one that would save me. My daughter loves her ” Piggie” and can’t sleep without it. It is getting pretty ragged and torn.
    Post Code #9737

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