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FOUND – 2001 Animal Alley RED MAROON DOG — 5 Comments

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    Is the dog about 8 inches long? If not, what is approximate length? I think I saw one last week but it was in a pretty rough shape. I’ll keep an eye on one in decent condition.

  2. Anastaia,

    This dog is about 9 inches long – so it may be it. I am interested in the dog please let me know if it is still available.

    Thanks Stacy
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    I’ll check next time I go to that store. Like I said though, it was very loved. But I guess something is better than nothing, at least until you find a decent one.

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    Phew, got it! One side says Animal Alley, the other says 2000 Commonwealth Toy & Novelty. Condition is actually good, similar to your picture. Though I have to say that the color is closer to red wine than bright red. Email me at recis77 at yahoo dot com for pics.

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