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FOUND – Target Small BEIGE RABBIT — 3 Comments

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    I could’ve sworn I saw this bunny before and I’m glad I haven’t lost my mind. I found it! Maker is All Wrapped Up, tag on left leg, 6 inches without ears, 8 inches with. Round little tail in the back, perfect condition. Email me at recis77 at yahoo dot com for pics.

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    Lori! I sent you a comment before but I don’t think it went through! My name is Elissa and I have your bunny right here in my hand! I got him at a huge bargain sale, recognizing him right away as your daughter’s Mimzy, only not the exact same bunny she lost at the store. My email is elissachan AT icx DOT net — please email me as soon as you can, I’ll do whatever I can to get you this bunny! Thanks for your time.

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