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Searching – 70’s? 80’s? Applause? PRECIOUS MOMENTS? Sad GRAY MOUSE — 8 Comments

  1. Maybe is from the Applause Giordano line that makes Sad Sam. I had a white plush seal once with sad eyes made by Applause Giordano so there are other animals other than the dogs. Good luck with your search! -Tonya

  2. 030309-1
    worth a look
    Ebay item numbers

    Let us know if any familiar, possible same brands? Was your mouse all gray except the pink ears?
    I’ve noticed the cinderella mice have tear drop eyes. Just a thought.

  3. #030309-1
    Is the hair regular or matted type? I saw a pair of Precious Moments light brown bear not too long ago. The girl is wearing pinafore and the boy… no clothes. They have matted hair type with green sad eyes. Are your mouse’s eyes green too?

  4. #030309-1
    Yes!! His hair was the more matted type and I’m pretty sure his eyes were mainly black with white at the bottom…however I don’t recall if there may have been a tiny bit of color…? Today is my birthday – that would be so incredible if I found him 🙂

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    Hi Tami! Unfortunately, none of the ebay items are him. He was entirely gray, except for him pink ears. I’m certain he wasn’t a Disney character…I wish for the life of me I could remember his tag and what the brand was. I have a picture of his face but don’t know how to post it on here…?

  6. I’m not sure if I had this same mouse that I am searching for as well, though my mouse had a music box inside and played a unique song that I have never heard since. I was born in 72 and had this as long as I can remember. If anyone has come across this mouse as well that would be great!


  7. Hi Gina,

    No this mouse definitely did not have a music box inside. I would have surely remembered that. Sorry but I will keep an eye out for you as well. Thanks ~ Aimee

  8. POST CODE #030309-1

    I’m not positive, but I wonder if he might indeed have been an Applause mouse. This bear looks to have the same eyes:


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