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  1. Hopefully you will get a copy of this comment in your email. If so, you won’t have to depend on my being on the computer to get news of a find!!

    Good Luck!


  2. 030209-5
    Did it originally have fingernails or claws on the plush?
    Was the bottom on the hands and feet of the same material? Looks a lot like some dakin ones I’ve seen but haven’t found the exact. Don’t know if KB toys sold that brand. Will keep an eye for it. Did it originally have a ribbon or bow or clothes? thanks for the info. Any beans or all fabric filled? I’ve checked over 1000 koala’s on ebay haven’t seen it yet.

  3. #30209-5

    Tami – no claws or fingernails… the bottom of the hands and feet are the same as the top.

    It was all stuffed filling…. no beans or anything in there.

    I kept watching ebay for one, too, and I still haven’t seen a single one like this guy.

    I hate this, because it’s hard to find one that is anywhere close enough to satisfy my son. He’s just mortified over the loss of his favorite companion.

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