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FOUND – Animal Adventure LULLABUDDIES BROWN Super Soft BLANKIE Top Priority — 14 Comments

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    who is the manufacturer you contacted? where did you buy it? Is the blanket pictured the one you are looking for. You said dark brown, with darker trim. Was the monkey in the center or edge of blanket? Did it have arms and a tail. What color was the monkey? Did it rattle? How old is the blanket? Thanks for the info, it will help in the hunt.

  2. I got the blanket at my baby shower. it is almost 3 years old. the manufacturer is as follow on the tag from the blanket. Baby adventure division of animal adventures. i called them at animal adventure but they no longer make them and have none in the ware house. yes that is the picture of the blankie i meant lighter tan in the middle and a darker edge so sorry. i am not to sure where the monkey was i believe in the corner because he was made to be cut off to be a stuffy. then again it could of been in the middle but no arms no legs he was detachable. yes, the blanket is the same on both sides. no, the monkey did not rattle i still have it if you would like a picture? thanks so much

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    seeing a picture of the monkey would really help. Thanks for the great information

  4. ok if you could just let me know how to add the picture i will go ahead and find him and do that now. thanks

  5. #031409-2

    I added a link to the photo that has the monkey in it to the post. Also, it’s spelled Lullabuddies, all one word.

  6. Thank u thank u thank u I was on eBay looking yesterday with no luck. Just bought whoever found this is awesome.

  7. My son is going to be thrilled this blanket had been on a 2 year trip. I thought he would of gotten over it but he carries a picture of it around now instead. I can’t wait to see his face when it comes in the mail. Thanks so much..

  8. Hi Keisha. I am so glad you were able to get to it in time. It was a pleasure to be able to help you out. For some reason I have been very lucky finding things on eBay for people lately.

    I hope your son loves this blanket as much as his first!

    Best Wishes! Susie

  9. Yes it IS, Anji! We’ve had a run of successful finds lately. Very satisfying.

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