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FOUND – 2008 Walmart MY FIRST EASTER Blue Green BUNNY with HOOD — 31 Comments

  1. Could it be either of these? 180264984964 or 180257581787 or 350084720272 or 180278447008

  2. That’s not it Liza. We found one of these in the wrong color yesterday. There is an honest to goodness hood attached at the back of the neck, with holes for the ears to fit through.

    The ones you found are probably the right color, but don’t have the hood.

  3. If you find one let me know. My daughter has a major attachment to the same bunny. Thank goodness we have not lost it yet, but I have been desperately looking for a spare.

  4. I don’t have a way to contact you Shaggy!! Are you looking for the one in the photo that I used as an example, or the blue green one?

  5. I’m sorry I cannot help. I am actually looking for the white one with polka dots that you have posted a picture of. Do you actually have the white one or was it just for reference? Thank you.

  6. I don’t have any way of contacting cmurphy1, but WE DO HAVE THE BUNNY SHOWN IN THE PHOTO IN STOCK!! She is not in our catalog yet. We found her after I had posted this request using a sample photo I found on the net.

    I still need a photo of the blue green one that Jennifer needs, but would be glad to sell the green and pink spotted version of the white hooded bunny.

    I’ll try to get it added to our catalog today!!

  7. Thanks so much for the response. I found the white one in your catalog and purchased it. Much appreciated! Best of luck finding the Blue Green one. If I should find one, I’ll let you know.

  8. I believe I am in need of this same bunny. A green bunny with white polka dots and 2008 embroidered on the foot. My 19 month old needs it to nap and to go to sleep at night. Won’t sleep without it. Wal-Mart should due another production of these, it seems funny that 3 people are looking for the same bunny. Let me know if they can be found. Getting desperate, I need a another this one isn’t looking so good!!!!

  9. I don’t have any way of contacting you Mom in Need. Please use the Contact Us form, so we can add you to the mailing list for this rabbit.

    We have some mailing lists for other lovies with 10 and 12 people on them. No, the companies don’t take paren’ts needs into account in deciding whether to continue production. Shame.

  10. Just to let you all know, i found the pink bunny on ebay last night and paid $30 with shipping just to have a replacement!!! I must be totally insane b/c my mom said that when she bought the original last year it was $3!! I am still going to try to find one more just to be safe. Please let me know if someone comes across another! thanks, Stacy

  11. Hi, I have this exact bunny in my Ebay Store it is item number 150332336157 at Auctionz_Plus Boutique. It is new without tags. Hope that I have helped:)

  12. Thanks for the link to your listing. I’ve emailed the ones who need this aqua one.


  13. #081208-2

    I am Amanda from the original post. I am encouraged that there are listings on eBay for this item, but I have to admit I'm a little shocked that the Buy It Now price (>$32) on these bunnies is more than 10x the original retail price of the item ($3). Is that what I should expect to pay, or do people sometimes list items without marking them up so much? I understand that these bunnies are in fairly high demand, but the asking prices are outrageous.

  14. #081208-2

    Hi Amanda,

    This is the highest price I’ve seen for one, but that is the way it goes with the harder to find lovies. As the hooded ones get harder and harder to find the price will go up.

  15. I just found the aqua bunny with white spots on ebay. It’s on auction right now at $0.99. Item # 160323050998.

  16. #081208-2
    Thanks for the heads up on the auction. This should give us a chance to see what the market says the high price is. I’ve emailed those who wanted that color.

  17. I am an ebay seller of discontinued items such as toys, cosmetics, hair products, etc.. I just mean the following comment to be helpful… when pricing an item that is no longer sold in stores, I consider recent completed auctions/ sales, and supply (how many are currently listed.) And would NOT consider what original retail was, since that is no longer applicable to the item (you cannot buy it in stores at that price, or any price; it isn’t available there anymore at any price whatsoever…) the value is determined by demand (is it something a lot of people want)and supply (how many are available at various online resale outlets like ebay, etc) NOT at all what it originally cost. There is effort, research, investment, time, and skill, (not “luck,”) involved in the art of online selling of discontinued items, (and let’s not forget to mention outrageous ebay and paypal fees.) It is just like any job. A profit on any given item has to offset all that; the stuff doesn’t magically turn into money, it is WORK and research and time and investment and gas for running around, and experience, but it can be a fun job if you are willing to put the time and effort in and don’t expect too much!

  18. I just won an aqua one on Ebay for $20.50 (Item # 160323050998). Thanks for your help! Good luck everyone!

  19. I am desperatly looking for the 2008 plush wal-mart bunny that you have used in the picture. I feel like the worst parent ever! I was at the store today with my son and he threw his, without my knowing it. I lost the bunny! I desperatly need another! Please help if you have any idea of where I can get another!

  20. post code #081208-2
    https://www.bonanza.com/listings/2008-Walmart-My-First-Easter-Bunny-Aqua-Dot-Hoodie-Plush/39847638 aqua
    ebay #190568159247 buy now make offer aqua
    ebay #260679146653 pink
    ebay #250839894818 aqua
    ebay #120502004047 aqua 6 available
    ebay #390118541476 aqua 4 available
    ebay #390110320352 pink 3 available
    ebay #360358867835 aqua
    ebay #180708820632 aqua buy now or make offer
    ebay #330590292233 aqua on”sale”
    ebay #180720846701 pink buy now make offer
    ebay #230605620882 aqua
    ebay #160538384138 blue buy now make offer appears nwt
    ebay #230664824670 buy now make offer
    ebay #380335856863 pink buy now make offer
    ebay #160574645217 pink buy now make offer

    ebay #370520286211 1 blue 1 pink same auction buy now reasonable price
    tried to list $20 or less or close with make offer options. More out there.

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