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  1. Maybe I am missing something, but the picture used for this request is directly from this ebay item…. It is expensive. Is the point she is lookingfor a cheaper one. Here is the ebay item number… 380030983237


  2. #032809-1

    I accidentally left that sentence out of her post. No, she does not want to pay this much for it, particularly since it’s only the blanket she needs. I also added, from the seller’s description, that the binding is a darker color.

  3. I am aware that this item is for sale on ebay and the price he is asking is ridiculously high. I asked him to except a lower price and he refused. I contacted the company that makes the blanket and she said that they are still being distributed to many buyers (in large bulk quanities only though)and they shouldn’t be to hard to find. I’ve checked every where and still have been unable to locate it, so that is what led me to this site.

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