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  1. These are expensive because they are so very rare.

    Here is one on ebay


    Good luck



  2. Thanks so much! I looked on Ebay and unfortunately this item has already sold.

  3. That mookiegifts store is a dead link. I got so excited and tried to order three of each (my oldest son uses the froggy, my youngest, the puppy and my niece, the pink cat)…. they never came, my card was never charged and an email yielded NO response. 🙁

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    I'm sorry, Erin, but we find that to be true quite often with small sites on the internet. We do have a brand new one still folded on the card, with matching mittens and vinyl bag in our own catalog for $50.00, if you're interested.

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  5. I did finally get a response from Mookie Gifts yesterday ( I guess it took about two weeks?)… they apologized and said that they are, in fact, out of stock on the Dottie Dots. That's more than I got from a couple other sites that still had them listed!!

  6. I think I may have found a company that has all the dottie dots EXCEPT the frog. I just placed an order and will let you know if the do IN FACT have it in stock.

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    I hope you're right, but we have found too often that such sites don't have the items in stock. I look forward to hearing from you!!

  8. Hi! The lady emailed me, she has 3 puppys, 3 cats and 1 duck. I ordered the puppies and the cats. I promised my dear friend 2 of the puppies. I had listed 1 on ebay after I placed my order with mookie gifts. It is ebay item number 270405876242. If anyone wants the cats let me know! thanks!

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    I have Three baby gund dottie dot puppies. Please contact me @ taylorchrisie at yahoo dot com if you are interested. They are being shipped to me as we speak. I also have one listed on ebay.

  10. Hi, I have 3 dottie dots puppies plus one puppy listed on ebay. I also have 1 cat left and one listed on ebay. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
    My email is taylorchrisie@yahoo.com.



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    I now have the Blue Puppy, the Pink Kitty and the Green Frog dottie dots blankies. They are all brand new with tags. Please contact me at taylorchrisie@yahoo.com if you are interested. I have more than one of each.

  12. Thank you so much for posting this. My 3 yr. old lost his "blankie" tonight and I have been searching online for it. I almost bought it from ebay but instead went to grace collectibles and bought 2 for 17.00 each

  13. No luck at Grace Collectables!! They are out of stock!! I am in need of a Baby Gund Dottie Dots blue puppy blanket!!

  14. I am looking for a baby Gund Pink Cat. I believe her name is Dottie Dots. I have found rattles, blankets and various other items. I am looking for just the pink cat. Please let me know if anyone can find this.

    mlehan317 at cox.net

  15. My daughter has also lost hers :(!
    I am also looking for 1 possibly 2 cats. I have emailed Taylorchrisie, but haven't heard back yet. Please email me at
    susanrosser@sbcglobal.net. Please put Dottie Dots in subject line.

  16. We lost a blue doggy and green froggy dottie blanket in the course of 2 months and need to get one or preferably both. Please email me if you have a new one of either.




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