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    It may be, but I don't think so. We've sold this blankie before, and it did not have a tag, nor any indication that a tag had been removed.

  2. POST CODE #070709-3

    Not sure but this may be it- Ebay #150362934936. Hope this helps:)

  3. If you find one, will you be sure to post it? We lost the same one at Heathrow last night and we're frantically trying to find a replacement…

  4. Thanks for passing on the info from Jill. I wasn't able to find another one from bonanzle.com. Did you get any indication of the manufacturer with the new one? Also, do you have the selle rinfo? Maybe they know where we can find another one.
    lizibeth5 at yahoo dot com

  5. the tag says
    OH 35060 TW
    PA 8025 TW
    All New Materials
    Shell: 100%Acrylic
    Piping: 100%Polyester
    Stuffing: 100% Polyester
    Made in China
    Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle
    Do Not Bleach
    Tumble Dry on Low Setting.

    No Brand Name, sorry

  6. #070709-3

    We sold the one in the photo a long time ago, and there was no sign that there ever had been a tag at all. Hopefully this means they were made more than once. It's a shame there's no brand.

    We have a whole mailing list looking for this one now, so there won't be any comments probably, as I just send the link to them all.

    Thanks, as always for your wonderful help! You single handedly make this site work.

  7. Thanks Rosemary, but I wouldn't go that far, you are the one that makes this site work!
    I did find a bear that I think is same brand, no brand name either. But I am guessing it has the same great feel to it.
    Ebay 290346470257
    I will keep looking for others. I am feeling a little guilty the one I found on ebay is selling so high. I promise to all you others looking, I will find more of these, or have many sleepless nights looking. The one on ebay now, the dog, was found actually at a yard sale.

  8. It's not your fault that several people want it so badly. It's not quite the same as the one we've sold and used in the photos, but it may be the one they actually need.

    Good luck to you!!

  9. I found a site of someone looking for the dog that said it was thought to be purchased at a book fair. Imagination books or premier books,

  10. I know my cousin bought the doggy blanket at a fair at the school she works at a while ago. She is on the hunt for that blanket all the time.

  11. So my mom was the one who originally gave us Falcor (what we called our daughter's puppy blanket). She got him from a school fair as well. She was able to contact the original rep, his company HQ, etc. The only information they could give was that (a) they sold their stock of 50(!!) in August, and that it's called "Zanies "My baby puppy blanket." Now, when I search for that string, I get nonsense, but maybe someone else will be more successful.

  12. This bear
    Ebay 290346470257 is one I found earlier in the search. Same as the one Elizabeth found on Imagine Nation.
    I found an old inventory book fair list on the web.
    I think the blanket is called
    My Favorite Blankie Puppy

  13. here is a cute dog that looks like the blanket, but is not a blanket (I don't think it is)
    ebay Item number: 160112239095

  14. I am so glad I found this site… We have also been crazed with trying to find this EXACT same puppy blanket. In our house his name was Dandy the Dog, and our son is quite grumpy without him. If anyone can help I would appreciate it! Thank you!

  15. Fantastic, Tami! I’ve contacted the mailing list, so now we just keep our fingers crossed that one of our Searchers gets it!

  16. Thanks again to everyone for all of your help. Chiara is now the proud owner of Falcor v2, v3, and v4 so we are all set. Hopefully this terrific lovey will make someone else happy as well!

    Best, Kristiana

  17. There are two on ebay now if anyone is still looking. 380901186087 and 160937840505
    Post Code #10098

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