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  1. 071309-2 was it a rattle? musical? have a ribbon on the neck? All white or have spots?

  2. RE: 071309-2

    No, it was not a puppet, nor a rattle. At one point it MIGHT have had a ribbon on its neck but I would have removed it for her safety. It was entirely white, with tan hooves, tan tip on tail, tan nubs/horns and tan nose. Even the tan was quite pale. Often in the store people would say 'what a precious lamb' because it was so white and didn't look quite like a cow or any cow I'd seen at least. My email address is irishstorm831 AT yahoo DOT com.

  3. Thanks so much for the reply however its not the same. This cow was entirely white on its back and void of any type of spots.

  4. POST CODE #071309-2

    ebay# 2201382100811988 KinderGUND plush WHITE LAMB SHEEP
    Similar not sure its exact. Still trying.

  5. We found it!!! A year ago on eBay we found one!! I couldn’t believe it. I took a video of the moment I have it other and several pictures. What a previous moment!! My 20 year old looked like a baby holding it to her face.
    Post Code #10103

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