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  1. Hello, my friend!I've just read your post (it was so sweet!) and I looked on ebay for a dog like the one you are looking for, and this one beanie baby kept coming up in my search. It is a saint Bernard, but it's not the size of the Beanie Baby "Buddy" dog, but it looks almost just like the one you are looking for, but w/ a different fur texture. His name is "Rescue," and he was July 2009 Beanie baby release, or so I've heard. i know that lots of young children are often reluctant to replace a favorite stuffed animal with different one, but perhaps if your son wanted another dog that looks like his original (just to fill in until you can find the actual one), you could maybe find "Rescue' in a store for him, since he was released only recently. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Peggy 🙂

  2. Ebay item # 390075201658
    He is exactly what you are looking for!!! Hope this helps!

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    Thanks to all of your help, we have a new member added to our family……he arrived today.

    My son is getting to that age where he doesn't want to show too much emotion, but I knew he loved it because he was trying really hard not to smile real big. In fact, he came and thanked me for it after he took him to his room for a little while.

    Thank you again for making a little boy happy.

    Gail…..a very happy mom

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    Congratualations, Gail!!! I knew you would find him!! Sincerely, Peggy:)

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