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    From a post on here, dated 4/22/08: "…Of course you will want photos of your child with this important member of the family for your own photo albums. But I personally discourage displaying photos of your child with the toy on the Internet. We edit out the child as best we can on our Lost Toy Search Service posts." Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks!

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    This is a childhood photo of an adult. I don't think of that as being something I need to edit. I do try very hard not to show small children and babies in our photos when parents send me the full photo. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

  3. I have that exact toy! Mine's not for sale – he's my absolute favorite. I found him in the early '90s at a yard sale when I was only 3, and he was fairly broken in when I got him. I've been looking for a second for years, just out of sheer curiosity, and I haven't had any luck even finding a photo of one! I'm sorry I can't be more helpful; mine doesn't have any tags either.

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